Welcome Pack


Social Media Shoutouts


You will receive a social media shoutout on the Sports For Champions social. Media accounts! Your mentor will thank you for your support and send a personalised message along with the shoutout to thank you for the continued support.



A sticker of your mentor in a cartoon format along with some motivational quotes, hashtag stickers and Fanclub goodies!



Upon joining the Fanclub, you can enter into a raffle for special prizes handpicked by you own mentor! If won, your prize will not be included in the Welcome Pack, instead your entry is included as a bonus and the prize will be sent out following the Welcome Pack after it has been received.

Official certificate


Within your welcome pack you will receive an official certificate with your athlete’s signature and a message from your chosen mentor thanking you for your continued support.

Lifeskill Videos


Each week, your athlete will upload a brand new Lifeskill Video. These will teach you multiple different things from cooking to exercising! You can tune in each week to see what your mentor is up to!

Mentor Colour T-Shirt


You will receive a special mentor T-shirt in your mentor’s favourite colour. The T-Shirt sports a slick design showing off who you’re supporting along with their signature! Everyone will be interested in where you get your clothes from!

Monthly letter


Each month your mentor will write a handwritten letter to you. They will tell you about how their training is going, and what they’re doing to overcome any obstacles they are facing at that point in time! 

Surprise gifts


Your mentor will occasionally pick out a surprise gift for you and send it to you!

Members Pack


Upon joining you will receive a members pack, this will be sent to you in a keepsake box with an assortment of goodies! Using this box you can keep your mentor letter, postcards and other gifts in the box and even display your goodies using the stand! The box sports a modern design with lots of hidden features to find! (You can even turn the box over for a discount off your own athlete’s merchandise!)

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