Hello. I am Steph Inglis!​

Why I became a Fanclub mentor

I wanted to become a mentor as I have been fortunate to live my dream life as an athlete. I have had so many opportunities to travel the world, make friends, and improve many life skills, including my confidence, resilience, social skills, teamwork, and communication skills. After my accident in 2016, doctors told me it was because I was so physically fit and strong due to my sporting background, which allowed me to survive. This is a huge reason for me to become a Sports For Champions Fanclub athlete. I want to inspire as many people as possible to become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves to best prepare them for whatever they might face in life and give them the confidence and tools to go after their goals.

Children need to see an active role model like myself visually, and through this fan page, Sports For Champions Fanclub makes this possible. Young people watching the videos will help reinforce positive behaviours and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves, allowing them to go after their dreams and become responsible and successful human beings in their teenage and adult lives.

So join me on my video session where I can share my life experience and provide expert insight on resilience and nurture

You into becoming. The next gold medalist either in sport or any aspect of your life!​

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Steph's Success Stories

Maddison Hanson


Tom Bevan

Millie Booth


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