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Emma Wheeler, Jordan, age7

The content has been fulfilling, fun, and above all educational. Jordan enjoys the updates each week and loves the extra content too! She keeps his badge on his bag and enjoys a surprise gift every once in a while that is handpicked from the athlete. Everything about this experience is tailored to her, even the handwritten letters too.

Charlie Tyler, Evelyn, age 6

Evelyn loves this service! Each week is special and they always have something to look forward to! They especially enjoy reading the letters written by their mentor specially for him.

Jamie Stevenson, Aaronl, age 10

The fanclub has been great, I am happy to let my Aaronl browse Steph’s page and watch her videos. She’s a fantastic role model!

Tymoteusz Majewski, Cecylia, age 8

Cecylia loves the fan club, it provides her great entertainment that is also helpful and great for them as they grow up.

Isabella Walsh, Alexander, age 12

Alex has been following the fan club for a while now and he love all of the perks! He shows off his badge on his school bag, lol and his friends are jealous of his mentor poster on the wall in his room The mentoes are really good role models, and I am happy to let him follow their journeys.

Summer Saunders, Arthur, age 5

WOW! My Arty loves everthing about the fan club! he gets the chance to learn a lot of valuable life skills through the vides, not to mention the goodies!

Morgan Stevenson, Harry, age 6

I would strongly recommend this fan club to any parent, Harry has been so much more active since her joined. The mentors are great and they have a lot of knowledge regarding fitness, diet ad life skills too!

Charles Brett, Lauren, age 9

I have always thought the traditional entertainment services like YouTube or TikTok were too vulgar and easy to find NSFW content that I don’t want my Lauren watching. So I looked for alternatives and luckily found this! I am so glad I can get Lauren involved in the platform as it has sparked an interest in sport I never knew she had!

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