I wanted to become a Sports For Champions Fanclub Mentor because sometimes, just reaching out to that one young person to help inspire them is enough to set them on a path and journey to greater things! I know this because I had an athlete come to my school and inspire me when I was younger, driving me to be as successful as I am today! I think it’s important to connect with young people because sometimes all they need is a little guidance and motivation in the right direction, which can be the difference between good and great.

I truly believe my mentorship via this Fanclub will bring a lot of value to my subscriber’s mindset, habits, and well-being to hopefully strive for greatness!

I believe it is really important to have an active role model present in a young person’s life, and I want to be that role model! Someone who is there to help you when you need it and guide you with some mindfulness and understanding on how on your own you might get somewhere fast, but together, we will also be able to further!

I am passionate about sharing my athlete career and mentoring the next budding athlete through my live videos and mentorship skills, as I started playing indoor volleyball after my local club came to my secondary school

At 17, I went full time and, in my first summer, was asked to compete in the beach version, with the rest being history. At 23, I have won back-to-back British titles.

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Issa Batrane

British Beach Volleyball

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Alexandra Mills


Evan Morrison

Mia Chambers


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