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Kirsty Way
Double Mini Trampoline

Great Britain Double Mini Trampoline

Hello, I am Kirsty Way

I have chosen to become a youth mentor because I love to inspire. It is truly the most amazing thing to see someone grow into a fantastic person! I am motivated when I inspire others!

In 2018 I sustained a knee injury after returning from the World Championships in Russia. Doctors and physios were unable to detect what the injury was and I was told to ‘train through the pain’. I couldn’t understand how I could be in so much pain, yet I was told to just ignore it. At this point, I started to challenge my mental toughness and resilience. After multiple MRIs, doctors finally realised I had torn my meniscus (cartilage) and I went on to have surgery. I was relieved to know that it wasn’t just a ‘psychological injury and that I’m tough enough to conquer any pain if I set my mind to it. 5 months after surgery I qualified for the 2019 World Championships in Tokyo, a competition that I’d set quite ambitious goals for. However, when competing in the final,  I sustained a very nasty ankle injury which, again, doctors were not able to identify. I spent months, again, battling this thought that my injury wasn’t ‘real’, only to then be told that my injury is so rare that it had only ever been reported in research 5 times. Having to go through this process twice with a huge challenge, but in the long run, I believe it has made me a stronger gymnast.

Issa Batrane

British Beach Volleyball

Hello, I am Issa Batrane!

I wanted to become a Sports For Champions Fanclub  Mentor because sometimes, just reaching out to that one young person to help inspire them is enough to set them on a path and journey to greater things!

I know this because I had an athlete come to my school and inspire me when I was younger, driving me to be as successful as I am today! I think it’s important to connect with young people because sometimes all they need is a little guidance and motivation in the right direction, which can be the difference between good and great.

I truly believe my mentorship via this Fanclub will bring a lot of value to each of my subscriber’s mindset, habits and wellbeing to hopefully strive for greatness!

I believe it is essential to have an active role model present in a young person life, and I want to be that role model! Someone who is there to help you when you need it and guide you with some mindfulness and understanding on how on your own you might get somewhere fast, but together, we will also be able to further!

I am passionate about sharing my athlete career and mentoring the next budding athlete through my live webinars and mentorship skills.

I started playing indoor volleyball after my local club came to my secondary school.

At 17, I went full time and, in my first summer, was asked to compete in the beach version, with the rest being history.

Steph Inglis


Judoka Player

Hello, I am Steph Inglis!

I wanted to become a mentor as I have been fortunate to live my dream life as an athlete.

I have had so many opportunities to travel the world, make friends, and improve many life skills, including my confidence, resilience, social skills, teamwork, and communication.

After my accident in 2016, doctors told me it was because I was so physically fit and strong due to my sporting background, which allowed me to survive.

This is a huge reason for me to become a Sports For Champions Fanclub Mentor.

I want to inspire as many people as possible to become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves to best prepare them for whatever they might face in life and give them the confidence and tools to go after their goals.

Children need to see an active role model like myself visually, and through this fan page, Sports For Champions Fanclub makes this possible.

Young people watching the videos will help reinforce positive behaviours and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves, allowing them to go after their dreams and become responsible and successful human beings in their teenage and adult lives.

I believe as an athlete, your main role is to inspire the future generation, and my role as a Sports For Champions Fanclub Mentor, carrying out visits and through this fan page, allows me to do this. 

So join me on my live video sessions where I can share my life experience and provide expert insight on resilience and nurture you into becoming. The next gold medalist either in sport or any aspect of your life!

Jaydon Paddock

European & World Champion

Great Britain Artistic Gymnastics

Hi Guys, I'm Jaydon Paddock! 

I decided to become sports For Champions youth mentor as I have always been a firm believer in the phrase “ Work hard, so your idols turn into your rivals”.

Even in my early years in my sport, I felt that this was more relevant than ever as I would always watch the senior athletes in training and competitions and be in awe of their talent and skill.

These people were my idols, and I knew that if I wanted to be up there with the best, I had to train like the best. Now, after many years of tears and success, I am ranked up there with the best in the world.

I get to train and compete alongside my idols every training camp and competition and which always amazes me as I look back now and realise that I am living in that exact dream I envisioned when I was just a young lad.

I want to think that I can use all the experience that I have gained not only in my many years of GB level gymnastics but also my life to help inspire the next generation of young people who may be thinking about starting a sport and need that nudge in the right direction or even in their everyday lives.

By accessing my personal fan club, I will be covering the topics I most frequently get asked, from general health and fitness, both physical and mental mindfulness well-being, to even covering topics like personal issues young athletes/ people may worry about and bullying.

Whether it be myself, another mentor or even someone close to you in your life, I believe having someone to look up to who can help motivate you in your sport or even in your general life is important.

I could honestly say I wouldn’t be the person or the athlete I am today without having all those people who I idolised at a young age there to push me whether they knew it or not and now to have them still pushing me as teammates and as close friends is what keeps me focused on the goals ahead.

I will share my experience via my webinars so you can be the best version of yourself!

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